Written by Susan Vande Griek

Pictures by Karen Reczuch

A Groundwood Book



When I first moved to Canada from California I remember a lot of people being surprised that I had seen snow before or that I already knew how to ski. But one of the most amazing things I had never seen before was the Loon. Going to my very first Canadian cottage and seeing a still lake with a single loon in the middle of the water was an experience I will never forget.

Equally unforgettable is this book. Loon written by Susan Vande Griek with beautiful pictures by Karen Reczuch is a book that both kids and parents will enjoy. The pictures are just unbelievably gorgeous and lush. Each page resembles expensive fine art that is probably found in most Canadian dignitary’s homes. The story is equally impressive and chronicles the life of a loon from chick to adult.

The text flows nicely from page to page with a melodic tempo that resembles poetry. And at the end of the story the more mature reader can read up on their favorite bird with A Note on the Common Loon. Another detailed feature in this book, are the other animals featured throughout the book like the Moose, Raccoon, and various other birds. This book celebrates the Canadian outdoors and without being too preachy proposes ways for the reader to help maintain a healthy habitat for these creatures.

Karen Reczuch who is known for her work in numerous children’s books showcases her talents in this book. Karen is part of the Williams Mill, a not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to promote the visual arts in and around Halton Hills, Ontario.

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