Transit of Venus 2012

On June 5th, 2012 starting at 5:30pm astronomers will be on hand at Varsity Stadium at the University of Toronto to lead the public in viewing the transit of Venus. Don’t miss this event, you’re next opportunity will be 2117.

What is a Transit? A ‘transit’ occurs when once celestial body, such as a planet or moon, passes in front of another from our perspective on Earth.

Free transit glasses will be provided for all who attend this event.

Please register online to be eligible for door prizes and more.

This event is free and open to the public.

Planetarium Shows are $5 and going fast.

Rebecca MacKinnon at the Munk Centre


Rebecca MacKinnon speaks about her new book

Consent of the Networked

at the Munk Centre

on Thursday, May 24th from 2-4pm in the North House.

“For nearly a decade, Rebecca MacKinnon has been at the center of evolving debates about how the Internet will affect democracy, privacy, individual liberties, and the other values free societies want to defend. Here she makes a persuasive and important case that, as with other technological revolutions through history, the effects of today’s new communications systems, for human liberation or for oppression, will depend not on the technologies themselves but rather on the resolve of citizens to shape the way in which they are used.”
—James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly

Professor Mike Brown talks about Pluto

May 19th @8pm

Professor Michael Brown

Location: J.J.R. MacLeod Auditorium,
Medical Sciences Building,
1 King College Circle

Brown is the author of “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming”, a best selling memoir of the discoveries leading to the demotion of Pluto.

“While the occasional “Bring back Pluto!” t-shirt can still be found in the used-shirt bin at the store, most of the world has moved on after the raucous debates about the status of Pluto and its fellow dwarf planets. Most people, though, still have little understanding for what happened to Pluto and why. Was it just too small? Was it too close to Neptune? Are astronomers just mean and arbitrary? I will answer all of these questions while giving a history of discovery in the outer solar system and explaining how the now-dead Pluto suddenly makes sense in a much more exciting new solar system of today.”

America’s Next Top Model with Jeanne Beker

This weekend marked the first America’s Next Top Model Trade Show in Canada. There were vendors showing off their makeup, creams, clothing, glitter, nail polish and so much more.

But the main attraction was Jeanne Beker’s talk about the fashion industry on Saturday morning. JEANNE BEKER is famous for her work as host on the recently retired show,  Fashion Television. She was the editor-in-chief for FQ and SIR Magazine and a regular featured columnist with The Globe and Mail. She is also a documentary producer and published author. Her books are The Big Night Out, Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style, and an autobiography, Jeanne Unbottled: Adventures in High Style. Her book Strutting It: The Grit Behind the Glamour, A Guide to Modelling for Young Women was recently published by Tundra Books in February 2011.