The Pirate Girl’s Treasure

The Pirate Girl’s Treasure: An Origami Adventure 

Peyton Leung and Hilary Leung

Kids Can Press



As a female reader I love children’s books with a strong heroine. The Pirate Girl’s Treasure written by brothers Peyton and Hilary Leung, combines girl power with high sea adventures. As with most of my favorite children’s books I loved the illustrations, the colours are bright and the imagery is happy and hip. Then I remembered that Hilary Leung is also the illustrator for the popular Ninja Cowboy Bear series and it all made sense.

The heroine of our story is a pirate girl whose pirate grandfather leaves her a map with promise of buried treasure. She embarks on an adventure up a mountain, through a valley, stumbling on rocks in a cave and finally out on the great sea in her origami boat. Later when you read the instructions for the origami you realize that it retells the story of the pirate girl. This is a cute story about girl pirates and using your imagination and making origami. I loved that you could make a game out of finding all the animals that are on each page of the book. There are toucans and monkeys, oh my! This is a fun book both for pirate girls and boys.

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