Welcome to Book Events

Here’s something you may not know about the UofT Bookstore: in addition to selling clothing, stationery and of course books, we provide a free bookselling service for author events!

There are book-related events happening on campus almost every week. Professors and famous authors from around the world come to the university to share their latest works with students, colleagues and you.

Events can be lectures, readings, book signings, wine and cheese evenings, or a chance to meet your favorite author. Topics range from global warming to how to cook at home with your favorite chef.

At the most recent event Louisa Gilder, author of The Age of Entanglement talked about quantum physics and her friendship with Francis Ford Coppola. The filmmaker was so wowed by her book that he invited her to his villa in the Napa Valley so that they could talk quantum physics over wine.

This week, the 2009-2010 Program for the Arts, Pressures on the Human, and the University of Toronto Cinema Studies Institute are pleased to present Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin. Guy Maddin’s book My Winnipeg offers a look inside the making of the movie and will be available for sale at the Innis Café before and after Maddin’s visit on Tuesday, January 12th at 7pm.

On January 29th from 3-4pm Professor Mount’s Literature for Our Time class hosts author Lynn Crosbie for An Hour of Talk and Conversation.

“Montreal-born Lynn Crosbie is the author of five books of poetry, including Queen Rat, Missing Children, and our featured work, Liar (Anansi, 2006), a confessional poem about the mother of all breakups. She is also the author of two controversial novels, Paul’s Case, based on the Bernardo-Homolka sex crimes, and Dorothy L’Amour, inspired by the murder of Playmate Dorothy Stratten. Crosbie writes the “Pop Rocks” column for the Globe and Mail.”

Be sure to check out these and other free upcoming events.